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Come to Thirst: our annual church weekend away (June 22 - 24)



Thirst is the annual Trinity Central Weekend Away where we eat together, worship together, learn together, pray together, and have fun together all in the beautiful surroundings of Camp Sunrise on the Sunshine Coast.


Each morning and evening there will be passionate worship and anointed teaching as well as great activities for the children. Afternoons will be a combination of family fun, sport and relaxation.



This year we are very excited to welcome Jeremy and Ann Simpkins from the UK. Jeremy leads ChristCentral, a family of churches within Newfrontiers, which is the wider network to which Trinity Central belongs. Along with his apostolic team Jeremy oversees about 130 local churches around the world. You can read more about Jeremy, Ann and the apostolic team here.


The Thirst schedule is here,  and our handy-dandy FAQs are here.

Bookings are open, so if you wish to join us for an amazing weekend please follow the link below for pricing and registration:


***You can register here***



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Trinity Central's Mobile App is a great way to connect, get info, listen to sermons and take notes, give and even read your Bible over the year on your phone or tablet. It's easy to download, so grab the app and enjoy being a little more connected!

Use this link: http://get.theapp.co/xm3r/

Or text "TrinityBC" (without the quotations) to 206-859-9405

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