Alpha Retreat Booking

You can now book in to the Alpha Retreat using the booking form at:-

We've also attached the Alpha Weekend Details movie and images files to this post if you need them.


Interested in School of Leadership?

What is it?

School of Leadership is a training program focused on equipping people with a combination of Biblical Theology and practical leadership skills.  If you’d like to grow in your knowledge and understanding of God, and learn how to apply that knowledge to leading yourself and others, then this is the course for you!

How does it work?

The course is held over two years, running one Saturday each month from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, from October through July.

Each day focuses on a section of scripture and/or specific leadership materials. There are four teaching sessions, each followed by a group discussion time. The teaching element is mainly video-based, allowing us to receive high quality input from a variety of speakers. We run the course alongside Christ Central churches in the U.K. and Zambia. We provide coffee and snacks but you are responsible for your own lunch – we often go out for lunch together.

What does it cost?

The School of Leadership course costs $500 per year and takes two years to complete. Your money helps support the School of Leadership initiative across ChristCentral and helps with the local cost of putting on the course.

What will we cover this year?

The first School of Leadership session of 2016/17 will be held on Saturday, October 15th (location TBA). This year we will focus on the story and theology of the New Testament as well as some specific leadership topics like the devotional life of a leader and lessons for leaders from Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus.

How can I apply for the School of Leadership?

Just click here to complete the application form.




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